You’ll die in a week

That’s what James Dean’s friend said When he brought it there to show it off. The Porsche was a Beck 550 spider and had many owners but one thing stands out from this 550 spider than other 550 spiders it belong to a famous actor and race car driver his name was James Dean. Guess what happend to the James Dean after One week, well he and his friend were on there way to a race, he was going south and and a collage student was going east. About 30 yards down the road there was a turn and James Dean said oh don’t worry he will see us but when the turn came the collage student smashed into the 550 porsche the collage student and  James Dean’s friend were okay but James Dean died Instantly. Latter on the car was stored in a wooden warehouse, after one week the warehouse caught on fire killing ten people. Then the car was to be moved across the country but after a week of sleeping in hotels and driving the truck driver lost control of the truck and was forst to jump off but as he jumped off he hit the open back door button and the car rolled over him killing him



Henry Ford Game
Henry Ford made his first car in the year 1894. PLAY THE GAME ABOVE TO LEARN MORE.

Tanner Foust

TANNER; Tanner Foust is a tv host and a professional race car driver he has won 3 x games championships European Rallycross, US Rallycross, and Formula Drift.

CAR; He drives a ford fiesta with 575 horse power. It’s also four wheel drive and has a built in extinguisher.

MORE ABOUT TANNER; He was born June 13, 1973 with a dream of race car driving. His car numbers are 34 and 11.

Car and Driver Magazine

Car and Driver’s (C/D) first issue was in the year 1955 and has been going on since then. C/D was started by Bruce Leslie McLaren he was born in New Zealand on the 30th of August in the year 1937 and died on 2th of June in 1970 (age 32) and was a race car driver, he raced from 1958 to 1970 and won 20 world championships. This is a video by Car and Drive.

Car and Driver

Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show At Disney World

Lights, Motors, Action (LMA) is a stunt show in all Disney land resorts. The Lights, Motors, Action is one of the most succesful stunt shows in the world the stunt show at Disney was started by Walt Disney his dream of car stunt show finally came true in the year March 14, 2005. LMA has made over 1million dollars in the year 2005. The story is a basic bad guy good guy. The bad guy is trying to get the good guy but the good guy wins. Disney does LMA twice a day one in the morning one at night they change the times depending on the weather.

The smart phone on wheels

A quick show on the smart phone on wheels. CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR A PRESENTATION!

The presidents limo

The presidents limo is a amazing car. The doors are 6 to twelve inches thick and each on ways 800 to 850 pounds so if someone were to shoot at them even with a tank it would not go all the way through. The windows are 13 inches thick and are tinted and top it all off the car is extremely aerodynamic. Whats the motor? under the hood theres a v8 engine there is also a backup engine incase if the other engine fails but since there are 2 engines are there 2 key slots? Well no of course not its just the one key starts both engines. Who designed the limo? no one really invented the limo but the manufacturers are cadillac. The gas tank. The gas tank is plated in steel and has foam that prevents it from exploding even when it suffers a direct hit. The boot. The boot holds oxygen and a fire fighting system. The night vision camera on the car. On the front there is one night vision camera used for seeing in bad conditions. The panic button on the car there is a panic button that the president uses to get help. The tires. The tires are kevlar reinforced and are plated with steel so the car can get away even if the tires are blown off. The defences the car is has pump action shot guns. Rear seats. The seats have a laptop with built in wifi and a cellphone that can send messages to the vice president and the pentagon. The price 300,000. length 18 feet. hight 5 foot 10. max speed 60 miles per hour in 15 seconds. Fuel combustion is about 8 miles to the gallon. 6 inch steel plates run along all sides of the car in the unlikely event that a bomb is placed underneath.

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